Positive PA and Paraplanning Solutions



You can expect the highest service standard when employing Money-Penny, Positive PA and Paraplanning Solutions.

''After twenty plus years in Financial Services, I know what works and what doesn't and of all businesses, Financial Services comes down to the people therein, more than almost any other. This is why I enjoy working with Gemma.

She is personable, efficient, extremely diligent and fundamentally very good at what she does.

We have worked together since 2008 and she very quickly learned how to deal with complex transactions, further complicated by the fact that frequently we wouldn't see each other for weeks on end.

If you are looking for someone to rely upon that understands her world, working remotely and the technology that prevails, then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you engage Gemma's services immediately, I firmly believe that you won't regret it.''

Gavin JR Tank

''Money-Penny's Gemma Cox is a very diligent worker with a great eye for detail. She is conscientious, hard working and 100% reliable. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She produces consistently great results for me and my business.''

Mike Legassick

More testimonials are to follow...